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Have you heard of all these Sikh riots going on in India?

Yesss, I been trying to keep up with it as much as I can. I hope it shines a light on how Indian government/law enforcement treats dissent. I think it’s great that Sikhs are uniting behind the cause of trying to prevent Balwant Singh Rajoana’s execution but I hope that goes to the next step of actually inciting institutional change. It’s sad because we have all of these great Sikh martyrs but the reason they keep having to sacrifice themselves or their freedom every couple decades or so is because India hasn’t addressed the conditions which caused the martyrs to have grievances.

Personally, I think in an ideal world Balwant Singh Rajoana won’t be executed AND India will begin taking civil liberties more seriously so that in the future instead of needing martyrs to take to spilling blood, the powers that be as well as the citizenry will find that dialogue and institutional reform is the best way to change things for all parties involved…

But judging from India’s post-colonial history with Punjab and the Sikh population, I really have a hard time putting much faith in the prospects of such change happening…

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Posted on Thursday, 29 March
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